Faculty Conference with Institute for Advanced Physics

Our Summer preparation continues! This past week The Summit faculty participated in an intensive workshop offered by the Institute of Advanced Physics (iapweb.org) and headed by IAP faculty member Murray Daw, Professor of Physics at Clemson University. The IAP was established by a group of lay Dominican Physicists whose stated objective is to “advance modern science in a balanced fashion that does not leave behind the correct philosophical foundations…”

In our present culture there is a very real and pressing cultural dilemma that both results from and is simultaneously perpetuated by the false dichotomy of science and religion (or reason and faith). The task of addressing this challenge in a truly constructive manner can only be realized by way of a deeper recovery of the academic disciplines of math and the natural sciences. While these disciplines must be upheld in the uniqueness and integrity that is proper to each, they must also be considered in their profound relation to truth, goodness and beauty. Academic excellence matters because creation matters.

Dr. Daw articulated the challenge as follows: “If the science teacher (in any of the sciences) doesn’t provide an understanding of basic physics (substantial form) then there is a serious conflict in the making. And to expect a philosophy or religion teacher to fix without an adequate science is to cause a rift, to promote a disintegration in the mind of the student.”

This was a valuable and challenging seminar but most importantly this week’s work afforded our faculty the opportunity to begin working together in bringing the vision of our new school forward.