In the first year of operation we will offer tuition at an introductory rate of $4,500.

2016/2017 school year Tuition and Fees.

Tuition: $5,900 (2017/2018 year)
Application Fee: $50
Enrollment Deposit: $250 (deposit is applied to tuition)
Books: $250
Activity Fee: $175

Our objective at The Summit Academy is to always keep tuition costs below the regional average for private secondary education. Our business model, growth and development plans are all structured to enable us to adhere to this goal going forward. Even at full capacity, with all programs operating fully on permanent facilities, our current planning targets a tuition rate that remains below both regional and national averages for a private secondary education. In our initial years we will structure costs to correspond to the level of deliverables that we will provide.


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Tuition payments are be made through the FACTS Management system